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Die neue VBB-App für Apple- und Android-Smartphones sowie -Tablets. Und das Smartphone wird zum Ticketautomaten.
Your ride. Your ticket. Your mobile.
VBB tickets can now be purchased directly using your mobile - from individual fares, to day tickets, to extension tickets (Anschlussfahrausweis) for season ticket holders, fellow passengers or even bikes - and of course for all transport services in Berlin and the state of Brandenburg.
The principle: Buying tickets before travelling
HandyTicket Deutschland is already integrated into the VBB app, so you can conveniently select and buy your ticket before travelling - e.g. on the way to the bus or train.
Payment process
Payment can be made by direct debit, credit card or transfer to a prepaid account. A detailed list of all tickets purchased will be available for you here in the customer portal every month.
    And this is how it works
    • Simply register with your name, address, payment process and cross-checking document.
    • You will then receive your HandyTicket PIN by SMS. Use this to buy your ticket or to log in to this mobile ticket customer portal.
    • Before starting your journey, select connection details in the VBB app, enter a starting point and destination, and display various routes.
    • Look for a connection and select "Buy VBB ticket" under the connection information.
    • Select "HandyTicket Deutschland"
    • Confirm the fare product and number of tickets - and you're done.
    • Tarifprodukt und Anzahl der Tickets bestätigen - fertig.
    Travelling in Berlin and Brandenburg: The "Bus&Train" app
    Links to the app stores:
    available in the App Store Google play
    For journeys outside the Berlin-Brandenburg region
    ... you can also use your HandyTicket account and the HandyTicket Deutschland app to buy tickets in other regions. The HandyTicket Deutschland app is available here:
    available in the App Store Google play mobile Web